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MoeBedard New Site Great video and list! Check out the videos on my channel like How To Create An Author Box In Wordpress and What is a Wordpress Plugin? to learn how you could make using Wordpress easier. Wordpress can be used for all kinds of web design applications.
Mastersun88 Alternative Energy great list dude I been looking for good plugins that is where I have the most trouble on my website is which plugins work the best I see a lot of nice sites made with wordpress but I never know what plugins those people are using I try emailing them but they don't get back to me on it. like blisterthumbs.[net] I would like to know what plugins they are using to make their site look cool.
storbo726 reverse mortgage thanks for sharing
Gavin Roche New escort Very helpful - thank you very much.
GetPaidOnlineSecrets followers Awesome!
HappyFhantum Tube Audio Who would dislike this? lol. 
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Raheel Nawaz jutt New Site Thank you dear 
Gandoza Com shhh ! This is a great and useful tutorial. Thank you.
dianajorossano injury lawyer Thanks for the tip on the related posts. I could not find a plugin that I could understand, but the one you recommended is easy!
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MegaZephie Thanks so much Don! Having you in my life makes it so much easier. I just love your videos and clear explanations. I am just setting up my website now by myself, and it gets scary at times. With your guidance, I gain the confidence that I really can do this stuff. Your hard work is greatly appreciated :-)
swobrien26 This was helpful. Thanks Don
nataliadanko Thank you for the very complete and easy to understand video! :)
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CalienteBolsillo Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry, you know your just jealous, why else would you waste your time to reply to my comment?
guest2424 I use freeware for windows I.I.I. Home Inventory
Chazasvideos I use the Sims 2 for planning rooms xD
exeBeatZ cancer Subbed, please sub back! 
Atom Rc New Site 17 - Aaaawww thats so cute!
BBlogify Christian how about that eh, wicked stuff